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Art From Your Photo
Mothers day Special
Your  favorite photo turned into an oil painting, graphite drawing, acrylic, colored pencil, or charcoal created by a professional artist! Great for your collection or It makes a classic art gift for your loved one. I take pride in my work and use the best materials for each project. All artwork is hand painted a genuine piece of original art based on your photo. I use the best materials available for a fantastic end result. My artwork will impress friends and family for years to come. It can be a picture of You your pet, the old home place almost anything
25% of our gross income is given to other artist who need help with funds. Go
I buy Fine Art work from our members interview please call: 
1-877-977-9393 ext 801
I buy good quality painting and drawings. 
I buy good quality artwork
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Buying Art Supplies

My experience with Blick Art Supplies has been a great experience. I live way out in the country and unless i need something right now i order on line. My experience with dick Blick Art Supplies has been very positive. I have always gotten what i ordered, I have never had a back order, and the supplies came in reasonable shipping time and in excellent condition. I have purchased locally (35 miles away) but have been very disappointed in the supplies and the conditions they were in. I won't mention where i am forced to buy locally, But i would rather wait the short shipping time when purchasing from Dick Blick art supplies. They have always been fast getting my orders out and usually delivered here within 3 days. I LOVE Dick Blick Art Supplies.
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