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My experience with Blick Art Supplies has been a great experience. I live way out in the country and unless i need something right now i order on line. My experience with dick Blick Art Supplies has been very positive. I have always gotten what i ordered, I have never had a back order, and the supplies came in reasonable shipping time and in excellent condition. I have purchased locally (35 miles away) but have been very disappointed in the supplies and the conditions they were in. I won't mention where i am forced to buy locally, But i would rather wait the short shipping time when purchasing from Dick Blick art supplies. They have always been fast getting my orders out and usually delivered here within 3 days. I LOVE Dick Blick Art Supplies.
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This picture uploaded and dedicated to Andretti Daniels

Introducing our New line of Adult Coloring Books. 

I have always carried my art work with me to doctor appointment or anywhere i had to wait. When asked why I brought my art work with me I replied,"That's my Prozac" 

One day I got an advertising piece in the mail for health books.  Included in the material was a coloring page it said, Color your stress away.I have been doing that for years.  A light went on.  I need to be drawing coloring books.

I did research on adult coloring books and found out they are a very hot item.  Greeting cards are the number one selling product in the USA at the rate of two and a half billion dollars a year.  Adult coloring books is fast catching up. 

Our new line is more realistic the most. Older people cannot see the small coloring areas in a lot of pictures.  We still have a lot of detail in our coloring pictures. 

Adult or as we like to call them grown-up coloring books are the same as children's coloring books except more detail.

Check out our Store or if you want to know more about adult coloring books go to the adult coloring book page on the navigation area at the top.

Hard back collector books available soon.